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Exhaust System

Ductwork connected to fume hoods can be arranged in different was depending on Site Condition and Usage. The best exhaust system should be of shortest duct length and the fewest elbows / bends. Duct size, length, and number of elbows affect static pressure loss and blower efficiency. Ideally, each fume hood should have its own exhaust system to maximize hood flexibility and avoid danger of explosion due to mixing of chemical vapors and backdraft issues from other hoods.

Normally manifold ductwork designs are used to clustered fume hoods, with duct and blower have been sized properly. In the manifold designs, individual hood should have dampers to balance the exhaust flow. Rigid PP+FRP ductwork is accepted as a most suitable for fume hood exhaust duct material. The smooth interior surface reduces static pressure loss and chemical waste build up, and PP is extremely resistant to a wide variety of acids and solvents. For low duty application metal breed flexible PVC duct provides more suitable and can significantly reduce installation costs. When planning exhaust ducting, duct size, length, number of bends, and exhaust material must be considered.

It is recommended that exhaust blowers be located at the end of the ducting which is typically either roof mounted, or wall mounted.  This ensures a negative pressure throughout the ventilation system.

By keeping the exhaust duct as short and as straight as possible, the total resistance will be reduced and by keeping the diameter of the duct correctly sized to the flow volume, noise and static pressure can be reduced.

Blower wheels for polypropylene and fiberglass blowers are polypropylene.

Vibration isolators are recommended when mounting the blower assembly.

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